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Ariana Grande hits out at rude ferry employees for threatening mom over dogs

Ariana Grande has taken aim at bosses of a British ferry company after a border employee in France threatened to have her mother arrested and their two dogs put down amid allegations the pets had not been properly vaccinated.

The Problem hitmaker's mom, Joan, was taking care of the pooches, named Toulouse and Sirius, as Grande and her entourage headed to the P&O Ferries port in Calais to cross over the English Channel this week (begs01Jun15), but she encountered a slew of problems after staff at the French border initially banned her from transporting the pups on a tour bus, and then charged her for tickets for the dogs, before claiming the animals lacked the proper immigration documentation to be allowed entry to the U.K.

Joan had been separated from her daughter and the singer's half-brother, Frankie, and when she finally spotted the star's bus, she tried to run over for help, only for ferry officials to confront her and threaten to call police, while also vowing to have the furry friends put down.

Joan detailed the rude encounter in a Twitlonger.com post on Tuesday (02Jun15), when she claimed the ferry trip was the "worst experience" of her life, describing it as "that time ariana grande's dogs were almost murdered..."

Frankie Grande came to the pooches' rescue by offering to stay in France to take the pets to a vet so they could obtain the documents officials claimed they were missing.

Ariana expressed her gratitude to her brother online on Tuesday, after lashing out at P&O executives for her mother's horrific experience.

Taking to Twitter.com, she wrote, "this was unacceptable. @poferries pls (please) have your employees treat people /animals w (with) respect. kindness goes a long way.

"the pups were safe and sound thanks to frankie but it was indeed a terrible experience. no animal / human should be treated that way.. ever. don't f**k w my puppies. ever....."

Grande isn't the first celebrity to have her dogs threatened with death by customs officials - Johnny Depp endured a similar struggle in Australia last month (May15) after failing to follow the required quarantine procedures for his pets Pistol and Boo. He was forced to fly them back to Los Angeles via private jet to avoid having them put down, but he now faces a possible 10-year prison sentence or a hefty fine for smuggling the pets into the country.

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