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Ariana Grande cuts media day short over photoshoot

A series of Ariana Grande promotional activities in Australia have been scrapped because of a bad photo, according to reports from Down Under.

The Problem hitmaker stormed out of a photo session with mX photographer Chris Pavlich because she didn't like the shots he was taking, and when her aides and security staff attempted to persuade the snapper to delete the pictures he took, he refused, prompting Grande to cancel the rest of her photo shoot with a group of Australian photographers and interviews with the likes of the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper's bosses have since published one of Pavlich's shots that Grande wasn't happy with and listed the questions they would have asked the pop star alongside the ones they were told they couldn't ask, including queries bout Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and the singer's late grandfather, whose death forced her to cancel plans to perform at The Roots' Independence Day festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 4 July (14).

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