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Angelina Jolie will 'never be as good' as her own mother

Mother-of-six Angelina Jolie fears she will never be as good a parent as her own mom, who dedicated her life to bringing up her children.

The Tomb Raider star and her partner Brad Pitt share three biological children, as well as three who have been adopted from countries around the world.

However, Jolie is adamant she won't ever be as successful maternally as her mother Marcheline, who passed away in 2007, because she continues to juggle her acting career with her motherly duties.

Choking back tears during an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday (27Nov11), she says, "My mother was a full-time mother. She didn't have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences. Everything was for her children.

"I will never be as good a mother as she was. I will try my best, but I don't think I ever will be. She was the most generous, loving woman. She's better than me."

Jolie went on to admit talking about her beloved mom is a "soft spot" but she is thankful for the lessons Marcheline taught her about motherhood.

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