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Amy Adams scared to offend Mormon family in new film

Amy Adams struggled to play the wife of a religious cult leader in new movie The Master because she did not want to offend her deeply-spiritual family.

The Fighter star was brought up a Mormon, but her parents eventually left the church and divorced.

However, because of her childhood past, Amy Adams admits she tip-toed into the role of Philip Seymour Hoffman's obedient and oppressed lover, Sue Dodd, since she did not want to make light of the plight suffered by so many women in her family.

She tells New York Magazine, "I definitely did see, growing up, a lot of women that were meant to be quiet and pleasant, and if you had something mean to say it's probably best to keep a journal...

"I'm always careful, because I still have relatives I care very much about who are involved (with the Mormon church)."

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