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Amber Rose denies criticising ex-boyfriend Kanye West

Wiz Khalifa's wife Amber Rose has denied taking aim at her ex-boyfriend Kanye West after appearing to criticize his remix of Beyonce's track Drunk In Love in a post on Twitter.com.

The model took to her social media blog on Saturday (15Feb14), the same day the new version of Drunk In Love hit the Internet, to write, "F**k my fav (favorite) song is ruined. Smh (Shaking my head). Terrific."

Fans and followers immediately assumed Rose was referring to West's verse on the Beyonce release, which originally featured Jay Z, but she later clarified her comments and blamed gossip-hungry bloggers for misinterpreting her words to create drama.

Returning to her Twitter page after a plane flight, she writes, "Just landed was talking about by hubby's song that he gave to someone else & I picked the one day 'he' (West) comes out with a song Just my luck (sic). I f**king hate twitter.

"All good tho (sic) ppl (people) who really know me know that's not my style".

Rose split from West in 2010 after a two-year courtship and went on to date Khalifa in 2011. They wed last year (13) after becoming parents to son Sebastian.

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