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Alicia Vikander won $2,200 in roll of the dice

Alicia Vikander walked away from the Jason Bourne shoot $2,200 richer after getting lucky in Las Vegas.

The Danish Girl star decided to hit the craps table while filming the action thriller in the gambling mecca, and was advised by Matt Damon and their fellow co-stars to use her knowledge of dice game Yahtzee to win big.

Alicia did just that on two occasions, after limiting herself to spending just $100 during her casino visits.

"Out of the five or six weeks we were there I was good; I only played four times, and I have this rule that I would maximum put in $100 (sic), and then if I ever would lose, then it's definitely time to go to bed," the Oscar winner told Live! with Kelly. "That happened twice, but two times I did win...

"They taught me the rules (of craps) and I guess I had beginner's luck. I walked away with 22-times the money in 25 minutes."

However, Alicia fears she's all out of luck now and she doubts she will be able to win big ever again.

She continued, "I will never ever be able to ever go (to Las Vegas) again because it will never ever happen (again). I'm just gonna leave it now and know that I left as a winner once."

Alicia plays CIA agent Heather Lee in the new Bourne movie, which marks the return of original franchise star Matt Damon as the titular character. He stepped down for 2012's The Bourne Legacy, and was replaced as the male lead by Jeremy Renner.

Julia Stiles also reprises her role as CIA agent Nicolette 'Nicky' Parsons in the fifth instalment of the Bourne franchise, directed by Paul Greengrass.

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