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Adele: 'My comeback is down to my son'

Adele fears she would not have returned to music if she hadn't become a mom.

The British singer welcomed her first child, Angelo, in October, 2012, just months after sweeping the board at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, and becoming a mother led to a three-year hiatus, during which she released nothing except for her Oscar-winning Bond theme, Skyfall.

While many would think taking a break at a career high point is a mistake, Adele insists it was exactly what she needed.

"I think actually the pregnancy was perfect timing in the end," she tells Rolling Stone. "I was starting to get a bit afraid of everything, (but) when I had him (son), it made everything all right, and I trusted everything because the world had given me this miracle, you know, so I became a bit of a hippie, an Earth mother. I don't know if I would've come back had I not had my kid."

Adele released her new single, Hello, from her third album, 25, last month (Oct15) and it has already broken video streaming and download records, and hit the top of the charts all over the world, but while the 27 year old is thrilled with the reaction to her comeback, she still worries about the damage fame can cause.

Before she found out she was pregnant, she told Rolling Stone how isolated she felt and how she was struggling with the pressure of being in such high demand.

"I felt like I'd lost control of my life at one point," she explained. "The bigger that your career gets, the smaller your life gets. I found this little, tiny janitor closet. That was my little space in my whole world. It was enough space for me. It was perfectly fine. But the idea of having to give up that little space, it really frightened me."

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