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Adele forgets her own song lyrics during concert

Adele embarrassingly forgot the lyrics to her own song during a recent concert.

The Hello singer was performing in Lisbon, Portugal over the weekend (21-22May16) when she launched into the completely wrong part of Million Years Ago, a track from new album 25.

Rather than styling it out and carrying on like nothing had happened, Adele immediately drew attention to her mistake and let out her usual cackle.

"Wrong words," she told the crowd, according to video footage posted online on Thursday (25May16). "I started singing the verse instead of the chorus! Sorry!"

This isn't the first time Adele has flubbed her own lyrics - in Denmark earlier in May (16), she mixed up lines from the first and second verses of popular single Rolling in the Deep and decided to start her final encore song again, complete with the lights turned off.

As soon as she realised her blunder, she told the crowd, "Oh... stop, I'm singing the wrong words, let's do it again... lights out, let's be dramatic... Sorry Copenhagen, it's my biggest song and I get the words wrong."

There are a number of videos of Adele making such mistakes online, including one from Manchester, England, just after the tour began, when she opened her track I Miss You with the wrong line and, in similar fashion, she restarted the song as the audience clapped and whistled.

"Let's start again... I've sang the wrong... words (sic)," she joked.

Adele is approaching the end of the first leg of her Adele Live Tour, which concludes in Antwerp, Belgium on 15 June (16). She moves onto North America in July (16).

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