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Abigail Breslin reveals memoir and debut album

Actress/singer Abigail Breslin has written her first memoir and will also release her debut album this summer (15).

The Little Miss Sunshine star is just 18 years old but has filled a tome with stories of her experiences as a young actress in a book called This May Sound Crazy.

The memoir, described as a "collection of hilarious and heartfelt nonfiction essays on the subjects nearest and dearest to our hearts: love, loss and Tumblr", hits shelves on 6 October (15).

Meanwhile, Breslin also took to Twitter.com to reveal she will be releasing her debut as a singer on 15 June (15) with her first album, called The World Now.

She tweeted, "It's the story of my life over the past two years and I can't wait for you to hear it."

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