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Abigail Breslin formed band after Janie Jones role

Abigail Breslin has credited her musical role in new movie Janie Jones with inspiring her to form a band with her best friend.

The 15-year-old Little Miss Sunshine actress plays a teenager who uses music to escape her unhappy relationship with her parents and she learned to play guitar and even wrote a song for the soundtrack.

Breslin subsequently formed a band, called Cabb, and she admits the film role has changed her life.

She tells the New York Post, "I got inspired to write music, play guitar, even do a record. I started a pop-rockish band with my best friend, Cassidy, and three musicians. It's called Cabb. They call me Abb. We've recorded a few songs, and hopefully people will soon hear us.

"We even recorded a song for Gary Marshall's New Year's Eve film and sang it for him as a gift... I just got a new guitar. A black Takamine. Bon Jovi has the same one. I play with a pick. You can put together chords. I can string together four chords. And I just learned a new strumming rhythm. I work with other musicians, which makes me humble because they're so much better."

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