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Abbie Cornish wants to be a vet

Written by . Published: August 16 2011

Abbie Cornish already has a job lined up if she ever decides to quit acting - she will become a veterinary scientist instead.

The Sucker Punch beauty, 29, was determined to have a back-up plan in case movie roles dried up, and made sure her studies wouldn't suffer while she trained to be an actress.

She explains, "I've always had this back-up plan that I'd study veterinary science. You have to have excellent grades to become a vet so even though I was often working as an actress, in every spare moment I studied really hard. In school I put my head down and just worked. If I didn't understand something I would always ask and then I'd work to understand it myself.

"It did pay off. I got the highest marks in most of my exams and the right grades to get into college. If all else fails, I still have that option."

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