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2 Chainz continues giving spirit with house donation

Rapper 2 Chainz is continuing the season of goodwill this winter by gifting a new home to a family of 11 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The I'm Different star has been helping those in need through his charity, the TRU Foundation, and last year (15) he surprised one disabled soldier by paying his rent for a year, while also handing the keys to a new minivan to a poverty-stricken family.

Now 2 Chainz has revealed his latest act of giving after sharing video footage of himself donating a five bedroom house to a struggling family of 11, which had been facing eviction from its two-bedroom pad.

The rapper learned of the family's struggles via a fundraising page set up by officials at Atlanta's Progression Church to help save the parishioners' home, and he decided to step in to help out by setting them up with a new place and allowing them to live rent-free for a year.

In the YouTube video, uploaded on Tuesday (19Jan16), the stunned father explained, "We ain't know where we was gonna go. We was not looking forward to nothing like this. It is way over our head, but we gonna learn how to deal with it. But we thank God for it. Now we don't have to cry no more. We don't have to worry nothin' no more (sic)."

"I'm looking forward to seeing their smiles," 2 Chainz said of his kind gesture. "I'm looking forward to the kids growing up knowing that Uncle 2 Chainz came through. Keep praying. You gotta have faith. You gotta believe."

2 Chainz's mission to help those less fortunate in his native Georgia received a big boost over the festive season after sales of his Ugly Sweater Collection helped swell the coffers of his foundation.

"We made close to $2 million in revenue (from sweater sales)," he recently told Forbes.com. "I had a numerous amount of celebrities helping with (promoting) the shirt... So I could not continue receiving those blessings without giving back at the end of the day."

The hip-hop star continued, "We're creating our own way to give back, to do something for people. We'll trickle down to the kids and lead by example. Like I say, actions speak louder than words. We could have spent this money on possessions, but giving a family that needs it will actually go further for them and for me."

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