TikTok Star SJ Bleau Wouldn't Date You

TikTok is known for its dancing trends, and just about everybody, no matter what their skill level, loves to get in on the fun. And then there is Sarah-Jade Bleau, AKA SJ Bleau, who is just on a whole other plane of existence. The dance phenom moved from Canada to LA where she then became acquainted with the TikTok lifestyle and members of the Triller Compound, and the rest is social media history! SJ pays a visit to the Young Hollywood Studio where we get more deets on her background and her current life with a game of "Fact or Cap?" Find out whether or not she would date a fan, her favorite person to make TikToks with, and what profession she almost got into before her TikTok took off, PLUS she reveals her relationship status and what almost made her quit posting altogether!

March 23, 2021 | by Young Hollywood