Singer Afgan: Single and Writing Songs About Love

Indonesian singer-songwriter Afgansyah Reza, better known to fans as Afgan, has been churning out great music since the age of 19, blending old school influences from every genre from pop to R&B! Now, he's ready to take the whole world by storm with his first global album 'Wallflower', and a whole new era in his already impressive career! The artist drops by the Young Hollywood Studio to discuss more about the new album and also about how he channeled two years in isolation into his music. He also tells us how his epic "M.I.A." collaboration with Jackson Wang came out, plus he tells us how he overcomes his nerves and natural shyness and we play a game of "This or That" to find out if he prefers writing sessions over recording sessions, date nights or a night in, and more! Stick around to find out if he would ever date a fan!

January 17, 2022 | by Young Hollywood