Cirque du Soleil: VOLTA Crew Teach Us Insane Trampoline Stunts

Cirque du Soleil always brings something new, fresh, and exciting to their big top shows, and their newest feat, VOLTA, is wowing audiences with their blend of different acrobatic disciplines, from traditional Chinese shape diving to something you might have had in your own backyard as a kid -- the trampoline! Yep, your favorite summer past time has been amped up to eleven thanks to VOLTA's trampoline team, made up of anyone proficient in gymnastics, diving, or parkour! Young Hollywood catches up with two of the team members, Derrick Aldrich and Dillon Vance, who explain how the trampoline portion of the show fit into VOLTA's themes of individuality. Then we make our way to the Olympics regulation-sized trampoline for a demonstration and some lessons in the basics of professional trampolining. Kick off your shoes and socks and join us for a jumpin' good time!

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February 23, 2020 | by Young Hollywood