Cirque du Soleil: VOLTA Crew Show Us How To Do Intense Swiss Ring Tricks

Just when you think Cirque du Soleil could not possibly find ways to keep surprising and delighting us, they not only raise the bar but they triple-somersault over it! Their newest live sensation, VOLTA, is wowing audiences with its wide array of international disciplines, including shape diving and trampoline, as well as an activity we've seen on the Olympics and also dreaded in gym class -- rings! Also known as swing rings and Swiss rings (for their prevalence as a sport in Switzerland), Young Hollywood heads to rehearsal for the show where Yan Lee gives us a crash course on the rings, including how they tie in to the show's bigger themes and the sort of background a rings performer needs. Then it's on to a demonstration and lesson into the major tenets of Swiss rings -- hanging, swinging, piking, and the dismount. See if we can stick the landing!

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March 04, 2020 | by Young Hollywood