Behind the Scenes at Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna

Cirque du Soleil never fails to impress, transporting us to in kind of world of our wildest imaginations and showcasing some of the most gifted stage performers in the world. Their latest show, 'Amaluna', is no different, bringing the audience a unique under-the-big-top experience and celebrating all the diverse facets of womanhood. Young Hollywood heads to the tent show venue during rehearsal where we catch up with some of the performers to learn their secrets! First up, dancer Eira Glover teaches us some of the graceful moves from her performance as the Peacock Goddess. Then we talk to Australian gymnast Shona Morgan, who has parlayed her skills as an Olympian into her act on the roue cyr ("cyr wheel"). Finally, juggler/dancer Vladimir Pestov demonstrates the basics of juggling. Do try this at home!

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May 08, 2019 | by Young Hollywood