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Why You Should Stick With "Jane The Virgin" After THAT Dramatic Shakeup!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: February 08 2017




"Jane The Virgin" fans experienced a huge shock this week after watching Monday night’s episode. Our hearts broke when we learned that beloved Michael Cordero Jr. unexpectedly passed away while taking his LSAT exams. The death was a result of a gunshot wound he obtained when he was shot by Rose, the crime lord, at the end of last season. 




Both #TeamRaphael and #TeamMichael fans are reeling from the sting of this devastating loss; some have even declared their plans boycott the show entirely. However, as sad as this is for the show and the characters that we’ve grown attached to, there’s a reason for this huge event. That reason remains unclear at the moment, but the only way to find out what the writers have in store for Jane and the crew is to continue watching — because we deserve answers!


There’s so much that will change in the show because of this, and if anything, you should continue to watch out of pure curiosity. As much as we loved Michael, the show was becoming a bit stale, focusing mostly on the struggles and joys of married life; a more subdued topic for the show compared to their previous love triangles and high-stakes crimes. There’s now an opportunity for bigger, drama-filled storylines; and hopefully -- though not too soon -- maybe even a Raphael and Jane romance rekindling.


There are too many action-packed narrative options, and you’re not going to want to miss out on them. You can trust the writers who have given us this phenomenal show, because up until this point, they haven’t steered us wrong yet. So, we should trust that this decision wasn’t made impulsively or just for flash-in-the-pan ratings and that they have a plan in mind. We should give them the opportunity to make this heartbreak up to us, or at least explain the reason.


Before you write the show off completely, keep the show’s format in mind. The show strongly mimics themes from telenovelas and soap operas, and, unfortunately, that sometimes means deaths; but it can also mean evil twins and love triangles. We love the show because of these twists and the never-ending drama; sometimes we have to roll with the punches and hope there’s an abundance of Michael flashbacks.


Even if you do stop recording "Jane The Virgin", you’ll probably still find yourself Googling to see if Raphael goes to jail. So, just don’t do it. Stick with Jane and the gang, and have faith that things will get better again -- or get crazy and strange again. Either way, the next chapter of this show is worth tuning into.


Tune in Monday to see what happens with that crazy three-year time jump and find out who’s getting married!


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- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer