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Why You Should Be Watching HBO's "The White Lotus"!

07-26-2021 by Rebecca Breitfeller



If you have found yourself staring at your television screen and just hoping and praying for a new captivating show, we might have just the one for you. "The White Lotus" has just hit HBO Max and we can think of several reasons as to why this is the show to watch right now. The new comedy is the perfect mixture of funny, tense, and mystery all wrapped into one very entertaining yet weird vacation getaway show. Here are some of our top reasons why we are loving the show so far!




[*WARNING: Mild Spoilers Ahead!]


1. Mystery Upon Mystery

I promise not to give too much away, but I will say the opening scene gives away how the season will end, which takes away the "spoiler" aspect and shifts focus to the journey instead (that’s all I’ll say, go watch!) The air is thick with mystery at the White Lotus Resort, even if it’s not explicitly said. With each character introduced and random problems that arise, the intrigue is so intense. The show will definitely have you wanting to know more instantly!


2. An Incredible Cast

Who isn’t in this show?! Aside from an intriguing plot and innovative storytelling, this show is jam-packed with amazing cast members. From "Euphoria"’s Sydney Sweeney and "SNL" alum Molly Shannon to Jennifer Coolidge and Alexandra Daddario, plus so many others, the show offers up some amazingly gifted actors. Only 3 episodes have been released thus far, but already the visions of amazing character arcs are being planted in our heads. The show is already so intense, and these talented individuals make the tension in the air that much better.


3. Beautiful Scenery 

Once again without giving too much away, some pretty grim things are destined to take place at the resort. But, regardless of the quirky characters and ominous tone of the show, the scenery is out of this world. The miniseries was shot in Hawaii and has amazing views in nearly every shot. Though the plot will reel you right in, it’s hard to not get distracted by the Hawaiian beauty.


4. Social Satire Aspect

If you are someone who likes to sit in the uncomfortable silences of life or finds the eccentric or bizarre ways of human nature funny... this show is going to be gold for you. Creator Mike White has followed in the footsteps of his previous show "Enlightened" and has put the awkward energy of these characters and situations at the forefront of the show. It’s almost like watching "The Office", but also there’s a mystery going on? We know, it sounds weird. You really just have to watch for yourself, and I promise you’ll be immediately hooked. 


New episodes of "The White Lotus" air Sunday nights on HBO!