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What To Pack In Your Poolside Bag This Summer!

Written by Jaelen Patrick. Published: June 18 2022


Summer is coming in hot and I’m sure you know what that means -- Time to hit the pool! But in this heat, it’s important to be prepared so you can actually enjoy this Summertime festivity. There’s nothing worse than getting to the pool and realizing you forgot something at home. So, here’s a list of essentials to pack in your poolside bag this summer!



1. A Towel

I know what you’re thinking, “Obviously I’m going to need a towel,” which is correct, but bringing a towel is more essential than you think. Not only can you dry off with it, but you can also lay it on top of those sweaty pool chairs that everybody and their mothers have practically melted on.


2. Snacks & Water

There’s nothing worse than being hot and hungry. Here is where you’ll see the absolute worst side of someone. Make sure you bring plenty of snacks like fresh fruit or a bag of chips, the perfect mix of sweet and salty, and cold bottled water to keep yourself hydrated in this Summer heat.



3. A Good Book

When the pool tires you out a bit, or becomes too packed with kids playing "Marco Polo", this next essential can come in handy. A good book is the perfect thing to keep you occupied while taking a break from the water and laying out for a good tan.


4. Sunscreen

This essential might be the most important one. Do Not forget to pack your sunscreen. The kind of sun we’ve been experiencing lately seems to show no mercy.


5. Sunglasses or A Hat

There’s nothing more annoying than laying out by the pool with the sun intensely beaming down on you to the point where you can’t even see, especially when you're trying to read that book we recommended you bring above. Make sure to pack either a pair of sunglasses or a nice floppy hat to block out those rays!



6. A Blanket

Bringing a blanket -- in addition to a towel -- to the pool is totally not talked about enough! Have you ever visited the pool and notice all the pool chairs are taken up? Well, a blanket is the perfect thing to spread out and lay on in this situation. Set up camp in a nice patch of grass and let the chill time begin!


7. Earplugs or Noise-Canceling Headphones

There’s always that one person who brings a speaker to the pool that’s blaring music nobody wants to hear but them. This is why bringing your earplugs or own set of headphones is essential! Lay back, turn on your favorite tunes, and get right back to relaxing!


8. A Portable Charger

I think this next essential is pretty underrated. You can’t drown out screaming kids with music and you certainly can’t take cute pool photos and TikToks all with a dead phone, so make sure your portable charger is powered up and not too far away!


9. A First Aid Kit

Anything can happen at the pool, especially accidents, so it’s important that you have a First Aid Kit on hand! Bandaids, painkillers, and antiseptic creams are only a few things that you should include in your First Aid Kit.



10. A Poolside Cover-up

After a long day at the pool, it’s almost tradition to drive by the nearest ice cream parlor to pick up a refreshing treat. Make sure you pack a nice coverup to wear to over your swimsuit for any after-pool festivities. The looser, the better! We don’t want our clothes sticking to us.


Happy Pool Time!!!