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The Emma Roberts Side Project You Will Want To Start Following!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: April 05 2017


If you’re like me then you have been obsessively following Emma Roberts's career, since her early acting days as Addie on the Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous" and even now as she plays the queen bee Chanel in her most recent hit, "Scream Queens". Her acting is top-notch and her style is impeccable, and now she’s showing us her amazing taste in books with her new project, an online book club called Belletrist. Via social media, Roberts will be offering book recommendations and creating an online platform for open discussion. Each month, a new book will be featured. The first book on the reading list is Joan Didion’s South and West.


If you follow Emma Roberts on social media, then you know she’s consistently posting pictures of the books she’s reading, and she has great taste in literature. So, it makes perfect sense that Roberts and her collaborator and longtime friend Karah Preiss would create a project to encourage young people to read and engage, in a perfect example of Millennials using social media for the greater good.  


The Instagram account features not only the book of the month, but also photos posted in order to spark conversations for book lovers. Aside from book discussions, the topics range from favorite bookstores, favorite places to travel, and peppered throughout are some inspiring quotes from great books. Plus, there’s a lot of Joan Didion mentions throughout the aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Roberts must seriously love Joan Didion; she’s even referred to on the page as the patron saint and the Belletrist muse. If you finish this month’s South and West early and are itching for another read, anything by this author seems to be Roberts approved. There is also a website for the book club where an interview with Didion conducted by Roberts is featured, as well as Preiss and Roberts' bios, and the mission of their book club venture.


If you always tell yourself you should be reading more, and actually want to pick up a book every once and awhile, then this is perfect for you. A book a month is a reasonable goal, and Emma Roberts is a trustworthy book selector if you ask us. So, check out the virtual book club and the killer recommendations and discussion on their Instagram. Be a #belletristbabe today, and then you can brag to your friends that you are in a book club with Emma Roberts!