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The 4 Craziest Stunts From The 'Fast & Furious' Franchise!

02-20-2023 by Raphael Brown

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The trailer for the upcoming 10th Fast and Furious movie, simply titled Fast X, just dropped last week, and even though the franchise has had several entries, the trailer promises to be the beginning of the end of the thrilling high-speed adventures of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his ever-growing Family. With the end of the road near and over 9 entries of the franchise to cover, the only thing as numerous as the cars featured in the series are the insane stunts that the cast and crew pull off with them! Here are just a few of the craziest, most mind-boggling stunts from the Fast and Furious series! 


1. The Train Heist (Fast 5)

The beginning of the 5th installment of the F&F series kicked off with a bang. The train heist scene is nothing short of an adrenaline rush for viewers wondering what to expect fromF&F’s complete transition from street racing to full-blown heist spectacles. Seeing Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) ram a truck into the back of a train while the action cuts between the frantic fist fights is really something else. And having Dom and Brian both end the scene with them escaping an explosion by jumping off a canyon is so dumb that it loops around to being awesome. 




2. Dom’s Car Gets Harpooned (The Fate of the Furious

Jumping from the 5th installment to the 8th, we switch over to a fight that can best be summed up as "Dom vs. the World: The Stunt". After seemingly backstabing his friends and family, the rest of the team confront him in the streets of New York. What follows is a wild chase that sees Dom crash into flower shops and Letty nearly tip over her car to continue the chase, all culminating in everyone trying to pull down Dom’s car in a heated showdown. 




3. The Chase in Antartica (The Fate of the Furious

Yet another entry from F&F 8! As absurd as the car stunts in the Dom chase scene were, it doesn’t hold a candle to the team riding their cars in the coldest place on Earth. The outlandishness is cranked up to 11 as the team outruns a giant submarine while driving on frozen ice. Dom uses his cars to shake off missiles that are fired at him, and at one point, Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman uses his car to straight-up dodge a missle from tanks and gunfire from the trucks chasing him. And let’s not forget Hobbs (aka The Rock’s character) redirecting a missile with his bare hands. A ridicilously insane set of stunts for a ridiculously insane scene.  




4. Going to Space (F9: The Fast Saga

And of course, how could we not include the scene in F&F 9where a 30-year-old fiero is casually launched into space? The franchise has already had plenty of out-there and zany moments, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but Tej (Ludacris) and Roman looking down to see the outline of the Eath while they’re flying in the vast nothingness of space really feels surreal, especially from a franchise that started out just being about street racing. There’s not much else to be said, other than that I look forward to when the crew decides to take a trip to Mars comeFast 12.




Let us know what your favorite stunts from the franchise are! Fast X hits theatres on May 19!