Taylor Swift's Grammy Performances, RANKED!

03-14-2021 by Julie Fenske

  ( © Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images)  


Taylor Swift has been gracing the Grammys with her presence since 2007, when she was nominated for Best New Artist. Now, she’ll be making her much-awaited return to the Grammys stage tonight (March 14), and we can hardly contain our excitement! 


Up for 6 awards, including Album of the Year -- an award she’s previously won for Fearless and 1989 -- Taylor is having one of her biggest years yet. With surprise drops Folklore andEvermore dazzling fans and critics alike, her upcoming performance is sure to do the same. 


The anticipation has us feeling nostalgic, and what better way to celebrate such a milestone in her career than to rewind and watch all her past performances? Below, catch our ranking of all Taylor’s Grammys performances and our favorite moments from them!



6. 2010: A Stevie Nicks Collab

Just a year after she scored her first Album of The Year for Fearless, Taylor took the stage with Fleetwood Mac legendStevie Nicks for a mash-up of “Rhiannon” and “You Belong With Me”, a sampling of some of both musicians’ top work, at the 52nd Grammy Awards. With a little banjo back-up, they show what two female powerhouses can achieve together. 




5.  2012: “But Someday I’ll Be Singing This At The Grammys” 

Singing “Mean”, that night’s winner for Best Country Song, Taylor delivered her classic country charm with a banjo, simple side braid, and wooden set. But don’t be fooled - she still had a lot to say, telling her critics, “Someday I’ll be singing this at the Grammys” after comments about her voice had percolated throughout the music community. She came back stronger, and we love her for that! 




4. 2009: Teen Superstars, Acoustic Version

In 2009, Taylor sat with Miley Cyrus, Disney icon and a fantastic artist in her own right, to sing “Fifteen”, the heart-stirringly poignant Fearless ballad about growing up and falling in love for the first time. We love how they each bring their own vocal style to the table, infusing the song with their personal experiences. After Taylor contributed her song “Crazier” to Hannah Montana: The Movie, it was only right that they performed together in person. 




3.  2016: In The Clear Yet? Good.

Her arms outstretched, clad in a bedazzled black unitard and razor-sharp bob, Taylor opened the 58th Grammy Awards with hit single “Out of the Woods”. Producer Jack Antonoff graced the stage, and Taylor made the Grammys her own personal catwalk, strutting to the B stage to belt out the song’s famous bridge. We’re forever indebted to this piece of pop perfection. 




2. 2014: We Remember It All 

“All Too Well” is a fan favorite, and this performance is not one to be missed. With her dress draped over the edge of the stage, leaning over a stately black piano, Taylor put her heart into every note, and we love the way she let every emotion play on her face for the audience to see. This performance was pure artistry, and we’re thankful.




2013: Welcome to the Circus 

Taylor brought the heat and the production value at the 55th Grammys, where she performed “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in a white ringleader outfit, complete with top hat and baton. Her talented back-up dancers almost constantly moved around the stage with her, dressed as circus performers, and she even utilized the alluded-to boyfriend, first chained to a black and white target, and later begging on his knees for her return. Our favorite moment? Taylor cheekily imitating a certain British accent when she says, “And he calls me up / And he’s like ‘I still love you.’”




What will this year’s performance bring? We can only hope it will be something as surprsing and vocally stunning as Taylor’s past appearances at the Grammys! 


The 63rd Grammy Awards will air on CBS at 8:00pm EDT/ 5:00 pm PDT.