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Random Thoughts During the 'Passengers' Trailer!

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: September 28 2016


The fierce Jennifer Lawrence and the debonair Chris Pratt are teaming up for the next sic-fi/thriller/love story, Passengers. The movie takes place on a spaceship on a voyage to a distant planet with its riders hoping to colonize the planet. Aurora (J-Law) and Jim (Pratt) wake up prematurely to find out that they are 90 years too early from their destination. Oops!




Intrigued? We were, too. 


But that doesn't mean I wasn't left asking myself several questions after first watching it.


Here are some of the weird Doug-from-Up-like thoughts I had while viewing the trailer -- follow along at home!


"Aww, Wall-e and Eve had a baby!"



"Futuristic love story."


"Good one, Chris."


"Dang, J- Law, slay."


"Witty banter."


"And there’s the twist."


"Oh, hey, it’s Michael Sheen."


"OMG C3P0 got an upgrade, but his bottom isn’t done. Dammit, Ani."


"What is this ship?"


"The Avalon, is that an obscure King Arthur reference?"


"Incubators, for my Pokemon eggs."



"Where is everyone?"


"Oh, in those pods."


"Why did they wake up early? Well then again, they’ve been sleeping for who knows how long?"


"Why them two? The most beautiful people in the group, perhaps?"


"J-Law is stressed. I mean I would be too if I woke up 90 years too early."


"That’s a pretty sweet fountain."


"Check out those iPad SuperAir Sleeks."



"Why leave the ship, though? Why?"


"Holy snap! The ship just lost power."


"No, Chris, really? What's wrong? Please share with the class."


"The robot is freaking out."


"You gear up, that’s what you do."


"I trust you, Chris, with my life."



"I guess it’s morphin’ time."


"Oh, that’s a huge ball of fire."


"Anti-gravity. Sweet."


"Don’t be a hero, Chris."


"Goodness gracious, it’s Armageddon all over again."


"You die, I die. You’re a bird, I’m a bird."


"Save him, J-Law!"



"What could you possibly have to say now, Chris?"


"Man, who opened the window in here? Jerk."


"Andy Garcia, meet Laurence Fishburne."


"Who needs gravity anyway?"


"Anybody up for a swim?"



"And the movie just turned into that Sandra Bullock, space movie. [Gravity]"


"Are you kidding me, Chris? You knew this whole time and you tell us now. Don’t tell me that you two aren’t just Passengers..."



What did YOU think about the Passengers trailer?


(Images via YouTube)


- Amanda Baltazar, YH Contributing Writer