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Quarantinniversary: Our Favorite Trends From a Year In Lockdown

03-20-2021 by Morgan Glicksman

  ( © The Baking Bomb/YouTube)  


Can you believe it’s already been a year of the pandemic?! Some days I feel like this just started, and others I feel like we’ve been in quarantine for a lifetime and then some. It’s hard to even remember the start of it all. Remember when everyone was first discovering Zoom, baking a loaf of banana bread or sourdough literally everyday, and binge-watching Netflix shows the minute they came out? 


It honestly feels like we all went through multiple phases and we didn’t even realize it. There was the start, the middle, and now (hopefully) the end. To commemorate 1 year of COVID-19, here are 5 quarantine trends you probably forgot about: 


1. Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee) 

I really want to know if anyone who got this from TikTok still drinks this on an everyday basis. This was by far one my favorite quarantine trends that I forgot about. I really don’t know why we all stopped drinking it. We should totally get back on this one. 



2. TikTok Dances

We’re definitely still here for the TikTok dances. Here’s to hoping they never stop. They’re literally our only cardio. But, the dances have changed quite a lot over the past year. First, there was the "Bored In The House" one, then there was "Renegade", then "Rockstar", "Say So", and "Supalonely", and now the dance to the song "Like That" is super popular. I’m sure there will be plenty more where these came from, though, even after the pandemic is over. 



3. TV Shows 

Two of the best and most iconic shows, "Outer Banks" and "Tiger King", came out at the beginning of quarantine, but thinking back to binge-watching both of these literally feels like a lifetime ago. In fact, it’s been so long we know that "Outer Banks" is already in the midst of filming Season 2 (which we cannot wait to see!).


4. Among Us

By now, most of your addiction to finding the imposter has probably worn off. This was really fun for a while, but now we’re on to playing different games to pass the time. Our personal favorites: Candy Crush and Words With Friends (oldies, but goodies). 



tiktok im HERE and i come with a gift... OUR NEW AMONG US MAP TRAILER ❤️ coming early 2021 with all new tasks and .. ladders??##amongus##gaming

♬ original sound - Among Us


5. Pancake Cereal 

Not only pancake cereal, but I distinctly remember a time where everyone was trying to make cereal out of literally anything (even cookies). This was by far my second-favorite food trend behind the coffee. Now that I think about it, we didn’t ditch this trend completely; we just swapped the pancakes for fruit and nowLizzo has us calling it "nature's cereal".





##duet with @greyandmama thenk u mama ?

♬ Wouldn't It Be Nice - Kate McGill


Maybe one day, there will be a museum of all the things we did and loved during the pandemic and it will all just be a very distant memory. We’re praying that this is the only COVID anniversary we ever see!