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Organizing Your Life 101: A Daily Guide for a More Productive You!

Written by Jana Rosenberg. Published: February 16 2024


A big part of being successful, productive, and well-balanced throughout the week has a lot to do with how well you are organized. I’m not talking about color-coding your closet or (finally) getting rid of the clutter in your nightstand drawers. I’m talking about you and yourlife. 


So, with that being said, below are some ways to keep you on your feet everyday of the week. Assigning certain tasks for each day will keep you on top of your life and on the top of your game. However, these are just a few suggestions that I’ve come up with, but feel free to tweak them accordingly to your own lifestyle and daily routine. And honestly, it’s kind of fun.




Hygiene: “Face Mask Monday”

The start of the week can be draining. Help yourself make it feel like the fresh new start it should be! Applying a facemask once a week is one of the best habits you can get into. They promote clear skin and cleanse away the left over make-up and bacteria left deep in your pores. So in preparation for the new week you’re about to take on – start fresh AND look fresh too.


“Make-up Brush Monday”

It’s really important to clean your make-up brushes as often as you can, but realistically, it’s probably not going to happen everyday for the on-the-go girl. Monday is the perfect day to give your brushes a thorough clean while your face-mask is working on your skin.


Fitness: “Three Mile Monday”

Even if you do nothing else at gym besides cardio, get this done! I used to make Mondays as easy as possible on myself, but I’ve found that going at them full throttle jumpstarts my mindset for the rest of the week. Plus, nothing feels better than accomplishing a three-mile run (or walk or jog) Monday morning before the rest of the world can even get the will power to get out of bed. If you’re not quite ready to take on “Three-Mile Mondays”, make it a goal and work up to it.




Productivity:“Tidy Tuesday”

You’ve made it past Monday, but don’t get sloppy now, people. Keep the things that tend to get disorganized throughout the weak neat and clean. For example, keeping your laundry separated as you go, taking ten minutes to dust off the furniture, blinds, and other things that tend to attract the most dust, keeping clothes off the floor (!!!), etc. Whatever comes to your mind in this category, now you have a day you can stick to when it comes to keeping things tidy.


Fitness:“Two-Mile Tuesday”

You got the hard part over with yesterday, pushing past that second mile, so now you get a little break. Run, walk, or jog a solid two miles on Tuesdays.


“Tight Tummy Tuesday”

Dedicate Tuesdays to your tummy! After you get warmed up with your two miles of cardio, put those abs exercises you’ve pinned on Pinterest to good use!




Productivity:“Wash It Wednesdays”

Nothing like getting laundry done in preparation for the weekend. Clean your clothes, towels, and sheets every Wednesday to keep things fresh throughout the week rather than letting it build up for what should be a relaxing Sunday.


Fitness: “Weight Wednesday”

Alright, now that it’s the middle of the week, lighten up on the cardio and heavy up on the weights. Work your muscles on Wednesdays.




Health: “Thirsty Thursday”

No, I’m not talking about the fun stuff, but I am talking about the good stuff. #WATER! You should be drinking a good amount of water everyday, but make Thursdays the day you get in a whole gallon. Some super-fit, health-obsessed people drink a gallon of water almost everyday of the week, but depending on your day-to-day, sometimes that’s not always realistic. However, it is realistic to get a gallon in at least once a week. You’ll feel so great going into the weekend and your skin will thank you later!


Spirit: “Thoughtful Thursday”

Although it’s important to be thoughtful everyday, making it a habit to go out of your way for others at least once a week will have you happier than usual. Giving and doing for others, sometimes at the expense of our own lives, just makes you feel good. Instead of being extra thoughtful towards the people you love once a year, do it once a week. It’s good for the soul.




Fitness: “Fight On Friday”

Mix up your daily workout routine and go for something like kickboxing. In an hour kickboxing class, you can burn up to 500 calories or more. It’s great cardio AND a great way to work muscles that you don’t get on Weight Wednesdays.


Productivity: “Figure It Out Friday”

Aaah, the end of the work week. #FRIYAY! Just before you head off into the weekend sunset, make your plans for the following week to come. Dinner dates, meetings, deadlines? Write ‘em out and be stress-free for the weekend. Also this takes off some of the anxiety we all feel on Sundays. Sundays were not meant for anxiety, so make things easier on yourself and take advantage of “Figure It Out Fridays”.




Fitness: “Sit-Up Saturday”

To follow up Tight Tummy Tuesdays, create your own sit-up circuit on Saturdays. There are so many different workouts you can do to target every part of the mid-section with no gym necessary, so use this day to really focus fully that area after a swift jog outside. Then, when you go out Saturday night, you can finally wear that cute crop top you’ve been dying to show off WITH your toned tummy! Sit up to sip up on Saturdays… cha feel?


Social: “Soiree Saturday”

Well, you don’t exactly have to throw or go to any kind of soiree, but you should go out and have some fun! I’m usually so tired on Friday nights (#grandma), I find myself going out mostly on Saturday nights for fun with friends. Everyone needs at least one night a week to get out and have fun, so why not make it a “Soiree Saturday”? (Yes, it is always as great as it sounds)




Fitness: “Stretch It Sunday”

It’s been a long work week and a fun-filled weekend – what better way to wrap it all up then to endure in a relaxing yoga class? Or skip the class and have your own stretching pow-wow by yourself (candles and calm music included, of course). After Sit-Up Saturday, your sore abs and body will thank you for taking the time to stretch out.


Spirit: “Soul Sunday”

Find the coziest spot in your home, put on your biggest pair of sweatpants with a comfy sweatshirt, wrap up in a blanket and read your favorite book with some hot tea for 30 minutes to an hour. If reading isn’t your thing, find a relaxing activity that is for you and do it. Sundays are for good vibes and most of all, rest! Give yourself the “you time” you deserve before Monday rolls around and you’re back at it girlboss-style.


Use everyday to best of your ability without letting the everyday get the best of you! Have at it people. Enjoy!