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New TikTok Trend Alert: Mascara Cocktailing Is The Next Big Thing!

Written by Ahshara Colon. Published: April 04 2023
(Jessica Alba/TikTok/@jessicaalba)


Volume, lift, curl, lengthen… Those are words that most of us associate with mascara, right? Most of us want our mascara to make our lashes do something different than what they naturally do. So, putting "mascara" and "cocktail" into the same sentence isn’t exactly the norm. When I hear the word “cocktail”, I think of a drink. You know, a daquiri, a martini, a manhattan… something like that. When it comes to drinks, a cocktail is when you mix different ingredients together, including juices, syrups tonics, and alcohol (if that’s your thing) to make a signature drink! 


"Mascara cocktailing" applies the same theory. It’s when you mix different mascaras together to get a signature eyelash look! However, this isn’t just layering mascara, because that method isn’t necessarily a new thing. Layering mascara is actually a pretty common tactic most of us use to get the full effect of the mscara we’re using. Sometimes we’ll even add fake lashes to get a more dramatic effect. But with mascara cocktailing, you won’t need to!


The difference with mascara cocktailing is that you are using two different mascaras with two different effects. You can see celebrity actress Jessica Alba put this theory into effect by using mascara produced by her company, Honest Beauty. She mixes the Extreme Length Mascara with the Extreme Volume Mascara for a new eyelash look!

@jessicaalba Celebrating #NationalLashDay my fave way - #MascaraCocktail style ??️✨ These are my lengthening and volumizing holy grails ? Celebrate with me and tag me in your glam pics or videos ?? #SundayFunday#Fabulash#CleanBeauty♬ Hey It's Me - Official Sound Studio


The biggest question to ask yourself when considering mascara cocktailing is: What are your lash goals? This will determine what types of mascara you use and the resulting effect. But remember that sometimes less is more. When using your mascara, use about two coats with the first, and then take a look to see what the results are. Then go in with your second and use about two coats. 

@makeup.com So it looks like Makeup.com Social Media Editor @katlynevap has the perfect cocktail. ? #byloreal#mascaracocktail#mascarahacks♬ original sound - Makeup.com


Like everything, there is trial and error. So, some combinations may work and others won’t. But don’t give up trying until you find the one combination that works for you! If you haven’t tried this hack yet, maybe give it a go the next time you are putting on your make-up! Good luck!