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Is MoviePass the Wave of the Theatre-Going Future?

Written by Nicole Koch. Published: December 22 2014


Calling all movie-buffs! I have a surprise for you.


Starting next year, at least one major theatre chain will experiment with a program that could get more butts in seats on a monthly basis!


I know I don’t go to the theatres often since I can just wait for the movie to come out on DVD or Xfinity’s On-Demand. Who wants to pay $10+ for only one movie? I’m a living example of why the movie industry really needs to find a way to get more people out of the comfort of their own homes and into theatres to watch the movies they worked so hard and spent so much money to make. Yet ticket sales have been at an all-time low. So, what’s plan A?




MoviePass has been in operation since 2012, a movie-ticket subscription service that is similar to Netflix (woohoo!). Users pay $30-45 a month to see as many movies as they want (if you do the math, that’s a deal). If you see 5 movies or more, you are actually saving money -- who doesn’t want that? This sounds more like something that will fit in my college student budget! Sign me up.


So many people like this idea, that even major chain AMC Theatres is looking to sign a deal with MoviePass. The pilot program for MoviePass will begin in two cities next year, Boston (nine locations) and Denver (ten locations). Sorry non-Massachusetts/Coloradoians, but they have to start somewhere! If it does well, you can bet that rivals like Regal Entertainment will be competing for the next spot.


Listen to this dude explain it:




What do you guys think? Is it something that should go nationwide?


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- Nicole Koch, YH Staff