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How To Get Your Music Festival Fix In Isolation!

04-16-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe

  ( © Jason Koerner/Getty Images)  


For the first time in 20 years, the California desert was barren and empty on Easter weekend. No flower crowns, no ferris wheel, no running around from stage to stage in the blistering heat, and, worst of all, no Frank Ocean. What would have been a weekend full of live music and art from the most notable acts of our era was instead a weekend spent at home in isolation while Coachella Valley lay quiet and still.



For us frequent festival-goers, it was heartbreaking. And the worst part is, this is only the beginning of cancelled festivals. With no end in sight really, more and more festivals are being cancelled, and some say that we may not see a return of festivals until next year. While there has been no clear answer about what the future holds, it’s clear that we will have to find some way to experience live music in the interim. 


Thankfully, we’ve got some options.




First and foremost, we recommend checking out the new Coachella documentary. Since we can’t actually be out there in the desert, we can at least watch and relive some of the greatest moments on the Polo fields. And if you find yourself wanting even more, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO all have some great music documentaries for any genre. 






Maybe for some, watching documentaries that highlight some of the greatest moments might actually be a little painful, knowing we’re not there experiencing it firsthand. And if that’s the case, you can take a different route.


Artists have been streaming live performances since the beginning of the quarantine. Some have taken it a step further and are taking part in live-stream music festivals. Echosmith even performed live on our YH Instagram as part of their "Digital World Tour". These are an excellent way to get your festival fix!


We’re stoked for the upcoming digital Room Service festival on April 24! Full of electronic artists and DJs who have performed at Coachella in the past, it’s sure to be a dance party! 




Of course, one of the most essential things we miss about festivals is the people who make it such a communal, blissful experience. 



But the people are still there! Call up your friends for a Zoom chat, get dressed in your favorite festival outfits, and dance the night away! Participate in the chats on live streams and make some new festival friends! We can make it through quarantine, we just have to get creative!