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Here It Goes Again: OK Go Wow With Another Gravity-Defying Music Video!

Written by Jean-Luc Vaval. Published: February 17 2016


Can OK Go get any cooler? Well, actually, yes!


Judging by the 46 million views (and counting) so far, it's a safe bet that you have seen the band's zero gravity music video, “Upside Down & Inside Out”. Everything we have come to expect from these music video-making geniuses is in this video, and, honestly, it is the best way to be upside down... though not so much inside out… Let’s just try and keep our insides in please, if you know what I mean... 


But, I mean, other than insides leaving the body, blackouts, and primal fear, who doesn’t want to pop paint-filled balloons, throw all types of balls around, and attempt thousands of flips in zero gravity? It looked like a fun party in the sky! Does anyone know how to get on a zero gravity plane? I don’t know about you, but I’m adding that to my bucket list! I just have to get over my motion sickness first...


Anyway, check out the fun below!




They really went all out for this production…literally. Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind stopped by the YH Studio to give us the inside scoop on the making of this incredible video -- find out who managed to avoid having a "puke event" and what kind of training was involved below!




(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Jean-Luc Vaval, YH Contributing Writer