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Get to Know Jayla Walton, The Newest Addition To "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8!

Written by Joely Live. Published: January 31 2023

Want to meet your next favorite actress? Here she is, folks: Jayla Walton.


Do you ever feel like you know you are destined for something big? You know what your dream is, and you are willing to work as hard as you need to make it a reality? Well, meet Jayla Walton, the aspiring actress who has been working hard and turning her childhood dreams into reality.


Scrolling through your FYP on TikTok, or looking through your IG feed, you probably have come across Jayla. With her combined 5 Million+ followers, Jayla is taking us on her journey as the newest character in AMC's “Fear the Walking Dead”, Dove.


Imagine you are on your way home from the mall and you get a call that changes your life – that was Jayla on July 12th, 2022. We had a chance to talk to the young actress about that day and the gut feeling she had, telling us, “Earlier that morning, I had a callback, and I remember telling my mom how crazy it would be if they called me that night saying I got the part. Normally, after a callback, it takes a few days to hear back from casting and production. But my intuition told me I’d hear back quick. I got the call not even an hour after being home.”


Even though Jayla was now about to go off and film for a few months, it wasn’t her first experience with being on set. Jayla actually found her passion for acting after visiting her brother, Javon "Wanna" Walton, on set while they were growing up. After going from set to set with Javon, Jayla finally felt like she was ready to take on big roles of her own.


And now, she gets to do just that with Dove. Whether you are a fan of the "Fear the Walking Dead" series already or not, Jayla was fully prepared to give it everything she had to make sure she was ready. “When I heard I was going to be in the new season, I binged it! I knew I had something to prove and just wanted to dive into the character and learn everything I could. It’s definitely really cool to watch the show and be on sets I’ve seen before, and 'Fear' is no different! Working on set is such an immersive experience. It feels like I’m really in the scene."


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And don’t worry, while preparing for this new role, Jayla was thinking about her fans the whole time. She is excited for them to see her take on this role and see her in a new light. After all, we may not see Jayla with a military vibe now, but wait until you see Dove. “The character I’m playing is badass… very military-esque. She’s a very layered character and certain aspects of her I can certainly relate to. My fans are so supportive, and I’m so excited for them to be a part of this journey with me. I think they are going to love this season, and it’s so different than any season before.”


Speaking of her existing fanbase, if you have been following Jayla for some time, you know this girl loves the gym. You might even be wondering, if she is on set for all these long hours, how is she going to get her workout in? All fear aside, Jayla still finds time – even if that means she must get up at 5am.


With her dad, Onward Athletics founder DJ Walton, originally getting her into lifting and spending time working out in the gym together, it has really become an outlet for her. “The gym is definitely an outlet for me. I work out everyday for many reasons, but mainly it’s mental for me. Working on my health and body overall makes me want to better myself in every aspect of my life. I love getting stronger every way that I can.” 


Acting is a family affair over at the Walton household, so they make sure to keep in touch the best they can. Whether it is on FaceTime or the group chat, the Tribe is going to stick together. “We have a Tribe group chat that we communicate on pretty much daily," Jayla says. "My brothers and I also have a chat with just us. I try and FaceTime my family as much as I can when I’m out of state working. My tribe is the most important thing to all of us, so if any of us has a few days off, we always find a way to meet up.”


With Jayla acting in one state and Javon acting in another, they still think about what it would be like to act together. We were thinking maybe like a sibling rivalry-type vibe, but don’t fret, Jayla and Javon already have come up with a few potential ideas. Jayla told us, “A movie or TV show with me and Javon playing sibling assassins would be badass! Manifesting that for sure! Anything action-related with us would be so entertaining, since we both have gymnastics and boxing backgrounds. We both prefer to do our own stunts in the projects we work on.” I mean, we’d love to see it.


( © Reed Eastman Mackey)


Get to know Jayla a little more with a fun game of This or That!
YH: Stay up late and sleep in, or up early?
JW: I’m in bed by 10 when I’m not working! I’d rather wake up early and go to sleep early.
YH: Full glam moment, or minimal all the way?
JW: I like both! But I do minimal more often. "Fear" is an apocalyptic show, so no make-up, messy hair, and a little dirty.
YH: Situps or pushups?
JW: Push-ups for sure.
YH: TikTok or Instagram?
JW: Tiktok all the way.
YH: Run lines with another person, or run lines in your head?
JW: I do both to make sure I really got it.
YH: TikToks with mom or dad?
JW: I honestly don’t know. I need TikToks with my pops for sure!
YH: Hoops or sneakers?
JW: Sneakers!


Combine a hard-working girl, a great eye for style, and a fun personality, and you get Jayla Walton. What is not to love?! 2023 is looking bright for Miss Walton and we cannot see where it takes her!


Season 8 of "Fear the Walking Dead" premieres May 14 on AMC!