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Don't Mess With 'The Meg'!

Written by Meg Spaulding. Published: August 03 2018


Did you watch Jaws and think to yourself, “I wish this shark was bigger?” Did you then watch Jurassic Park and wonder, “Where are all the aquatic dinosaurs?” If so, you are in luck! The Meg (no relation) is here to give thrill-seekers and pre-historic animal fans the movie they’ve been craving—a thrilling tale of a gigantic prehistoric Megalodon, otherwise known as a big, shark-looking thing. It turns out, this giant shark from the pre-historic era is NOT extinct like scientists had thought, but rather had just been hanging out in a comfortable hiding place for a few millennia. Now it’s back and ready to wreak havoc on submarines and probably lots more people too!




Based on a book written more than twenty years ago by Steve Alten, The Meg imagines what would happen if a creature thought extinct had actually survived. After all, only 1% of the ocean has been discovered, so who knows what could be lurking in the deep waters? The Meg begins with an attack off the coast of China and features many multi-cultural elements. This is partly due to the fact that The Meg was co-financed by China. It even features Chinese movie stars Li Bingbing and Winston Chao in leading roles. Other stars include Jason Statham -- who, as a former diver in the U.K.’s national swimming squad, is a perfect fit for his part -- Ruby Rose, and Rainn Wilson.




After watching the trailer, I’m not just excited about this movie because of the amazing title. It looks like a thrilling summer blockbuster that knows how to poke fun at itself. Referencing Jason Statham’s knack for playing action heroes, Rainn Wilson’s character comments, “He looks heroic, but he kind of has a negative attitude.” Leave it to Rainn Wilson to turn a tense situation into a moment of humor. The melodious “Beyond the Sea” tune that signals the arrival of the Meg creates a funny contrast between summer relaxation and shark-related terror. Finally, the nod to Shark Week lets audiences feel like we’re in on the joke, since everyone knows how popular Shark Week has gotten, making most audience members feel like amateur shark experts already. The question remains if they’ll manage to fit a few Jaws references in there as well.


This is a summer movie that is frightening and suspenseful without taking itself too seriously. Go watch this mega-fun thrill ride of a summer movie in theaters August 10th. I myself will be dragging my brother to the theaters for this one, to further remind him never to mess with The Meg.


(Image via Warner Bros. Pictures)


- Meg Spaulding, YH Contributing Writer