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7 Themed Nights to Spice Up Your Zoom Calls!

Written by Calissa Kirilenko. Published: May 14 2020
( © Robin Utrecht/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


We are Day ? in quarantine, and the same old routine of getting on Zoom to hang out with your friends from a distance is starting to get a little boring, so why not add some fun into the mix?


Here are 7 themed Zoom nights to look forward to.



1. Middle School Sleepover


Put on your pajamas, set-up Netflix Party, and stream your favorite chick-flicks such as Sleepover, Mean Girls, orWhat a Girl Wants.



2. Harry Potter


If you are a Potterhead, we know you have a chocolate frog or wand stashed away somewhere. Gather all your gear and play a trivia game, or watch the series with your friends.



3. Paint Night


If you’ve always wanted to go to one of those paint nights, now is your chance. Order some paint supplies and look up a YouTube video that you and your friends can do together. In the end, maybe you’ll have a new piece of wall art!



4. Around the World


Pick your favorite country or even one you’ve been wanting to visit, then dress up in the country’s native attire and gather some of their food as well. If you love Paris, all you need is a beret and a baguette and you're good to go.



5. Holiday


If you love Halloween or think Christmas in May sounds perfect, then why not celebrate right now? Stream your favorite horror movies together or drink hot chocolate in front of a fire while listening to Christmas carols.



6. Superheroes


You could have a superhero trivia night, dress up as your favorite characters, or have a heated discussion as to whether or not Batman could beat Superman in a fight. The options here are endless.



7. Tropical


If you’re missing some Vitamin D right now, give the gift of illusion and pretend you’re on a beach with all your friends. Break out a sun hat and swimwear, maybe even bring along some tiki music.



We may not be able to do everything we love right now, but it’s the perfect time to get creative and find new ways to re-create your favorite adventures.