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7 Hilarious Webseries That Are Totally Worth Binge-ing!

Written by Anya Bergstrom. Published: September 15 2023
(Photo: Above Average/YouTube)


In the Age of Streaming, Netflix and other large streaming platforms have slowly adopted comedies into the mainstream; whether it be the awkward situational comedy of “The Office” or weird outlandish sketch shows like “Documentary Now” or “I Think You Should Leave”, audiences just seem to love watching wacky stuff. Little did you know, many comedy series actually got their start on the internet and they all began as scrappy innovations available to watch for free! Here are some of the hidden gems that just a little digging on the World Wide Web will find you!


1. "The Real Bros of Simi Valley"

If you’re a self-proclaimed Vine kid, this webseries created by Jimmy Tatro will feature some very familiar faces, includingNick Colleti, Cody Ko, andNoel Miller. “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” is a masterful parody of “The Real Housewives” series, and the 4 “Bros” – Xander, Duncan, Wade, and Bryce – are caricatures of your everyday Simi Valley resident. The show lampoons Southern California culture and satirizes the exaggerated elements of reality TV. You can watch the first season on YouTube, and Seasons 2-3 on Facebook. 




2. "Billy On The Street"

“Billy On The Street” is a fresh new take on the man-on-the-street game show genre. Created and hosted by comedian Billy Eichner, “Billy On The Street” features Billy walking around New York City interviewing unsuspecting pedestrians about random pop culture knowledge. Famous recurrent segments like “For a Dollar” have gained massive popularity on the internet, and the show’s guest stars (Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, Will Ferrell, and more) are always happy to join in on one of Billy’s silly games. Originally released on YouTube then passed around various digital distribution platforms, you can now watch all of its seasons on Netflix. 




3. "On Cinema at the Cinema"

This comedy webseries created by and starring Tim Heideckerand Gregg Turkington may be reminiscent of the myriad of amateur film reviewers on YouTube, except nothing about films ever actually gets said. The duo uses the format of a film critique show to instead make lengthy improvisations about their character’s outrageous personal life and sneak in recurring jokes about niche movies and actors. The show eventually spins out into an unfortunate series of events, such as Tim going to rehab or getting injured. You can enjoy these questionable movie reviews on Adult Swim. 




4. "Web Therapy" 

Ever imagined what it would be like if therapy was online (and also poorly done)? “Web Therapy”, starring Lisa Kudrow as Dr. Fiona Wallce, is an improvised rendition of short therapy sessions over a webcam with a therapist that only cares about her self-interests. Originally debuting on LStudio.com, the series then got adapted to Showtime and has received many accolades such as Webby Awards for Best Writing and Outstanding Comedic Performance. “Web Therapy” can be found on Amazon Prime. 




5. "Teachers Lounge"

“Teachers Lounge” is a comedy webseries created and written by Ted Alexandro and Hollis James that is set in a teacher’s lounge, where Ted plays the music teacher and Hollis plays the janitor. Together, they bring in various “faculty members”, played by well-known stand-up comedians such Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, and Rachel Feinstein. Chock full of stand-up veterans and hilarious comedic actors, the show has consistently witty bits. If you ever want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a star-studded teacher’s lounge, you can find all episodes of the webseries on YouTube. 




6. "Drunk History"

“Drunk History” is hilariously entertaining but also equally educational. Each episode features an inebriated narrator and host Derek Waters trying their best to retell interesting stories from history in the style of a serious Ken Burns-type documentary -- but with a lot more booze. Famous actors then reenact these stories and lip sync to the narrator’s drunken dialogue. The combination of slurred words and historical events produces the most unexpectedly hysterical videos. Even with a drunken retelling, the show tries to keep the story elements as historically accurate as possible. The series got its start on Funny or Die and later premiered on Comedy Central; you can watch all 3 seasons on Hulu. 



7. "7 Minutes in Heaven"

If you’ve ever played the classic party game "7 Minutes in Heaven", you’ll immediately understand the premise of the show. Host and "SNL" alum Mike O’Brien stands in a cramped closet with different celebrities to have an “intimate” interview, then attempts to initiate a kiss at the end of the interview. The conversations are informal, nonsensical, and often very awkward as a product of their setting, but most of the comedy stems from this awkwardness. You can find all episodes of this closet talk show on YouTube.