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7 Hacks For Getting Through Mid-Terms!

Written by Andi Wynter. Published: October 10 2016


There's no way around it, guys -- it’s about that time when study guides come out and our sleep schedules go haywire. The inevitable mid-term exams are upon us, and if you’re like me, all-nighters are no stranger to you. However, over the years I have found ways to combat the stressful week of taking these dreadful exams. Here are some tips and hacks that should make your life a little easier and will be beneficial to you for later tests to come!


Treat yo’ self

Stay motivated by making an incentive at the end of your study session. Eat a nice treat after every section you finish or maybe take yourself out for some ice cream when you’ve finished studying for the day.


Sharing is caring

Exchange notes and study guides with students in your class. Collaborating is a great way to make sure you’re getting all the information taught in the course.


The more the merrier

On top of exchanging notes, get together with your fellow classmates for an interactive study sesh. Not only are more heads better than one when it comes to cramming for a big test, but you’ll have several shoulders to cry on when the pressure gets to be too much.


Game on!

A lot of the times, the problem with studying is that it is an absolute bore. So, make things interesting by turning your study guide into a game. You’ll be much more engaged in what you are studying, which will definitely help in retaining information.


Out of sight, out of mind

Studying can get tedious, so you may be quick to hop on social media or respond to your group chat. However, distracting yourself is very counterproductive, so check all your updates before you start studying and turn your phone on Airplane Mode. With no signal and no updates coming in, you are able to channel all your time and energy into your studies.



While you’re studying, read your notes out loud. I find that, when I’m reading, I can get lost in all the words after a while, and everything just starts to blur and feel repetitive. But when I say it out loud, I can actually process all of my notes and it starts to click!


Catch those Z's

If a car can’t run on E, then there is no way you can function properly with no sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep before a big test will help you retain information and allow you to stay focused.


This goes without saying but -- don’t forget to breathe. Relax. You got this. You’re taking the exam; don’t let the exam take you. Good luck!


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- Andi Wynter, YH Contributing Writer