5 NYC Locations Featured In Netflix’s “Dash & Lily” You Need To Visit!

Written by Casey Clark. Published: December 04 2020
( © Netflix)


With only a few weeks left until Christmas, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch and binge-watching shows on Netflix. This year, “Dash & Lily” is everyone’s new favorite holiday romantic-comedy series and it takes place right in the heart of New York City!




If you want to visit some of the show's filming locations on your next trip to the Big Apple once it is again safe to do so, we have you covered with 5 places you can’t miss!


1. Strand Book Store

Tired of watching Netflix? You can never go wrong with a good book. Strand Book Store, located in Union Square on the Upper West Side, is one of NYC’s most popular independent bookstores. If you’re looking to get yourself a red notebook like the one in “Dash & Lily”, then you’ll definitely want to take a trip to The Strand.



2. Two Boots Pizza

Boomer, Dash’s best friend, works at Two Boots Pizza in the East Village. This popular pizza establishment was created by two indie filmmakers with an affinity for pizza, beer, and New Orleans. Two Boots has over 10 locations throughout the nation, but the East Village location is the one featured in "Dash & Lily”. Grab a slice of delicious pizza and maybe you’ll even see the red notebook resting on the shelf!



3. Ferrara Bakery 

Located in NYC’s Little Italy, Ferrara Bakery is home to some of NYC’s best baked and imported Italian specialties. In the series, Lily sends Dash to this iconic bakery to enjoy a plate of cookies. If you’ve never had an authentic Italian cookie, especially at Ferrara, then you have to head over to Grand Street. Santa isn’t the only one who gets to enjoy delicious cookies this holiday season!



4. The Morgan Library and Museum 

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a museum? Well, odds are you probably can’t, but you can visit The Morgan Library and Museum to see where Dash and his ex-girlfriend spent the night in the series. Located in Murray Hill, this library and museum is known for its private collections, artworks, and drawings. Next time you’re in the city, make sure to take a swing by!



5. Macy’s Herald Square

Whether you’re looking to do some holiday shopping, take pictures with Santa Claus, or visit one of NYC’s largest department stores, you can accomplish all three at Macy’s Herald Square during the holidays. While this year might not be ideal, normally Macy’s Herald Square transports guests to a Winter Wonderland with Santa and his elves. In “Dash & Lily", Dash is dared to ask Santa for Lily’s name and finds it on the inside of a hat.