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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider Adding to Your List In 2023!

12-31-2022 by Ariel Byrns

  ( © JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)  


The big transition of a new year can sometimes come with a lot of pressure to be "better" than the last. Honestly, no one should feel obligated to make (or even stick to) resolutions, but if you feel committed to making positive changes in 2023, here are some resolutions to consider!


1. Travel More

The past few years have been tough on travel lovers, so now is the time to get back out there and explore! Now more than ever before, we understand the importance of getting out, exploring the world, and connecting with those around us. Whether you are a person who seeks out international adventures or prefers staying close to home, we can all participate in this resolution. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an adventure -- even just driving to the next town over and exploring the shops and restaurants there can be enough to fulfill your desire for a getaway trip. As long as it is somewhere you’ve never been before, you will be able to feel that adventurous spirit that always comes with trying something new.


2. Shop Independent

Though it is convenient to visit big box stores like Walmart and Target that have everything you need under one roof, this coming year, try to be more mindful of your consumption by buying less products but investing more in quality. The best way to do that? Buy locally! Not only does shopping locally mean you are supporting independent business owners in your community, but you are also buying products that are of higher quality and are made in small batches – meaning less waste and pollution were produced in the process of creating the product. Buying from local businesses is a great way to give back to those in your community because you are helping to support a family's livelihood. Not to mention, you get to shop a highly curated selection of unique products that are most likely not going to be found at your nearest chain store! 


3. Fulfill a Childhood Dream

Maybe your childhood dream was to go horseback riding, or go to space, or eat only sugar for an entire day. Whatever it was that you dreamed of, now is the time to do it! Of course some dreams, like going to space, are not possible (YET). But try to get creative with this activity and achieve the closest thing to it. For example, if your dream was to visit space, you could plan a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and tour the facility. Depending on how involved your childhood dream was, you may want to start planning early. Just because we are grown-up now doesn’t mean we can’t still connect with our childlike side. Letting loose and doing things out of the ordinary is sometimes what helps us feel refreshed and excited about life. So why not listen to yourself as a kid and do exactly what you wanted but could never do at the time? 


4. Write More Letters 

Digital communication has taken over our everyday lives. Whether it's texting, email, or social media, we almost always use technology to communicate these days. But sometimes it is good to take a digital detox and stop straining our eyes from looking at screens all day. This coming year, try to write physical letters whenever the situation allows it. For example, instead of sending that yearly "Happy Birthday" text to your aunt, write her a heartfelt birthday card instead. Instead of emailing your grandma the weekly update on your life, write about it in a letter instead. Letters are a great way to connect more with your sendee because they are physical mementos of your endearment. Letters also show a lot of care because of the time it takes to write and send them. Your recipient will appreciate receiving the gift of your handwritten words, and will most likely return the favor! Plus, you can get creative with this as well by decorating the envelope or adding little drawings inside the cards. Make it personal, and have fun with it! 


5. Declutter Your Digital Space

A common New Year’s resolution is to declutter your home, i.e. your physical space. But don’t stop there -- make sure you declutter your digital space as well! Just like physical clutter, digital clutter can make us feel frustrated and disorganized. So make sure you go through all of those old photos saved on your hard drive, clear off your desktop, delete old documents and email chains, and create a clean slate for yourself to work with for the new year. It may also be a great time to create an organization system, to make sure this endless cycle of digital clutter doesn’t repeat again. This will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on any new projects that the new year throws your way!


Happy New Year!