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5 Costume Ideas to Add Some PUN to Your Halloween!

Written by Mike Dolzer. Published: October 24 2017


‘Tis the season to celebrate Halloween, and everyone does so in their own way -- some opt for the traditional scary while others aim for the funny bone. If you're the latter (or you aspire to be), we got you covered! Here are 5 pun-derful costume ideas guaranteed to put a smile on your friends' faces this year!


Spice Girls

We love that someone had enough "thyme" on their hands to think of this spicy costume. You gotta get with your friends and paste some names of spices on your shirts. One of these women dressed up as Jasmine from Aladdin to add a Disney twist to the already fun costume.


Gingerbread Man

This one requires you to have red hair, and if you do, you’re in business. (And if not, wigs are always a suitable option!) All you need is a hip necklace made out of bread loaves and you can use your ginger spice to make your costume nice.


Pot Head

This one is recommended for more mature audiences due to its drug reference, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hilarious costume. This idea somehow marries marijuana with whimsy, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. Just obtain a pot or pot-like item and insert your head and voilà! Hilarity ensues.


A Brush with Death

This one might be my favorite. It’s always nice to blend the macabre with the ridiculous, and this costume does that in a way I’ve never seen. Somehow death is almost cute, and the costume will surely slay -- pun intended.


Jurassic Parks and Rec

The lady who came up with this is a genius. The mash-up between two pop culture icons is both hysterical and unique. All you need is a "Vote Knope" button and some dinosaur gear to trick out your best business casual. This costume will surely make Amy Poehler (and maybe a few velociraptors) proud.


Being scary is so played out, and sexy costumes are overdone and unoriginal. Turn to these costume ideas to truly bring fun back to your Halloween festivities!


(Image via Dinendra Haria/WENN)


- Mike Dolzer, YH Contributing Writer