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3 Highlights From The New 'Jumanji: The Next Level' Trailer!

07-01-2019 by Julia Hutchens

  ( © Sony Pictures Entertainment)  


Sony dropped the first official trailer for their upcoming Jumanjisequel today, and it’s full of exciting twists and turns! It debuts with a scene of returning star Alex Wolff’s character, Spencer, with his cranky old grandfather. It’s obvious that Spencer misses the friends he made from his first Jumanji experience in Welcome to the Jungle, and he reveals that the old gang doesn’t hang out anymore. In a nostalgic effort to get back what he once had, Spencer tinkers with the game and decides to play alone. When the old gang shows up to Spencer’s house and discovers what he’s done, they decide that it’s their duty to help get him out. From there, the game is never the same...




Here are the 3 most hype moments from the new trailer!