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13 Songs We Want To Hear On Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour'!

Written by Emma Cohen. Published: March 14 2023


Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated The Eras Tour kicks off this Friday, March 17, in Glendale, Arizona, and let’s just say “it’s been a long time coming.” It’s been 5 years since her last tour, and Swift has a big reputation for always putting on a sensational show. With more than 100 songs and an iconic discography to narrow down from, Swifties everywhere are dreaming up their ideal setlist. If even a couple of these songs make it onto the tour, we’ll consider it a win!


1. “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”

From Midnights (3am Edition): Allow me to say that this song is probably one of her greatest of all time. A powerful bridge and soul-stirring third verse like that is meant to be screamed in a stadium with thousands of others. 




2. “Delicate”

From Reputation: This song is electropop gold and, lyrically, one of her most tender songs. In a recent TikTok, this fan-favorite was acknowledged by Swift as a song that should appear on tour. Fingers crossed!




3. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”

From Red (Taylor’s Version): Need we explain? This is her magnum opus, widely beloved, a sheer work of art that has become her most triumphant re-recording. Hearing the full version live would, without a doubt, heal us. 




4. "Cruel Summer"

From Lover: During the Summer of 2022, “Cruel Summer” experienced a resurgence, and rightfully so. It would arguably be a cruel summer without getting to hear this pop perfection under the summer sun. 




5. “champagne problems”

From evermore: This ballad is another cherished fan-favorite and will surely have the entire stadium singing along. And, it has a glorious gut-punch of a bridge because, if there’s one thing we can always count on Swift for, it’s to write a killer bridge.




6. “Cornelia Street”

From Lover: It’s time to take a trip back to the West Side as we did in “Delicate”. We can see it now – mystifying vocals, guitar in hand, and lyrics that will make the concert feel like it’s “leading us home.” 




7. “The Way I Loved You”

From Fearless (Taylor’s Version): This song is quintessential early Taylor Swift. Its passionate, fiery chorus will have the whole crowd roaring in unison like their lives depend on it.




8. “betty”

From folklore: Despite this being a more recent track, it is evocative of the country songs Swift began her career with, but with a rock twist. For every Swiftie familiar with the fictional love triangle story, here’s to hoping “betty” shows up at our party. 




9. "Call It What You Want"

From Reputation: "CIWYW" stans, rise! There was no way we could not include this underrated masterpiece. It is one of the most lyrically romantic songs in her discography, and its airy, carefree, and deeply personal lines are a breath of fresh air. 




10. "I Know Places"

From 1989: This is another gem in Swift’s discography that deserves to take the stage on tour. It’s pure metaphorical and fervent fun. Also, that vocal growl? That’s not a want but a need. 




11. "Our Song"

From Taylor Swift: We’re throwing it way back with this nostalgic chart-topper. This is an upbeat, catchy classic that will allow Swift’s country roots to shine and transport us back to 2006. 




12. "You Are In Love"

From 1989 (Deluxe Edition): Ladies and gentlemen, we have another masterpiece of a love song right here. During her 1989 World Tour, this track was an interactive call-and-response, which would be perfect to bring back for her upcoming tour. These lyrics radiate the genuine, beautiful simplicity of love, and we are profoundly grateful that she has spent her “whole life trying to put it into words.”




13. "Long Live"

From Speak Now: “Long Live” is entitled to an everlasting reign. This song is known for being dedicated to her fans and her whole team as a way to treasure all of her achievements and precious moments. There seems like no better way to celebrate how far she’s come than to sing, “I had the time of my life with you.”