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Zoe Saldana: 'I'll never be objectified on screen'

Zoe Saldana is hoping to "contribute to a greater good" by turning down movie roles that do nothing to further gender and racial equality in Hollywood.

The 38-year-old actress is lucky in the fact that her growing profile means she is able to be more choosy when it comes to picking parts. And one thing Zoe will never do is take on a job that is "objectifying or gratuitous".

"Studios are the ones that are not green-lighting black projects, they’re the ones sending internal emails and laughing," Zoe told Britain's Evening Standard newspaper. "And bullying women and bullying people of color. I am speaking up and I am stepping down as well. Sometimes by saying no (to some roles), you’re helping - you’re contributing to a greater good.

"Women have been compelled to be quiet for too long. We have to shed light on things that are obviously unfair, uneven, unequal - things that should be illegal."

Zoe has quite the back catalog, including roles in films in Avatar, the new Star Trek franchise and Guardians of the Galaxy. But when it comes to balancing her career and raising her 19-month-old twins Bowie and Cy with husband Marco Perego, the actress finds it aggravating that her request for childcare on set is often her "biggest battle".

"It should not be considered a perk," she said. "I’m not asking for a masseuse on set. I’m asking you to pay for my children to have proper care so that I can give your film the proper care it needs too."

Many of Zoe's movies have seen her take on fantastical roles, such as Gamora in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Neytiri in Avatar. But Zoe has no regrets about taking on the blockbuster parts, as she is hopeful they will inspire her boys in the future.

"In a world where there’s so much turmoil, maybe what our children need is to believe in superheroes," she said.

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