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Zoe Saldana can't be apart from her husband for more than a week

Actress Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego have vowed to never spend more than a week apart.

The Star Trek Beyond beauty wed Italian artist Marco in the summer of 2013, and the mother-of-twins credits their promise to limit their time apart with helping to keep their romance alive, especially since Zoe is often working away from home.

"If we're (filming) on location, my husband will be with us for 10 days and then he'll fly back for four, but we can't be more than one week away from each other," she tells People.com. "That's a promise we've made that we're trying to keep."

Their vow, which isn't unusual in Hollywood, has become all the more important since they became parents to boys Bowie and Cy 20 months ago, as they work together to juggle their careers with their home lives - with a little extra help.

"We're a good team, but we also have a great village, so his parents are around," she says. "And when they can't (be there), then my mother's around, but we always have our nannies."

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