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Zoe Kravitz credits Alexander Wang for style icon status

Zoe Kravitz credits designer Alexander Wang with helping to transform her into a style icon, because she actually knows very little about the fashion world.

The X-Men: First Class star is the daughter of trendsetting rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, but she confesses she would still be stuck in her "awkward" style phase if it wasn't for her pal Wang.

"You've helped me grow up in a lot of ways - especially in the fashion world," she told Wang in a new cover interview for Teen Vogue magazine. "When I met you, I wasn't working that much. As I got older, my career was picking up, and I had to figure out how to present myself. I was a weird person and was wearing my DIY shoes.

"You appreciated my uniqueness when I don't think a lot of people did, but you loved me enough to gently nudge me. I needed someone to say, 'You're a woman now. Dress like a woman.' I don't like tight clothes and wasn't comfortable in my body. I was in this awkward phase, and you really helped and pushed me when I needed it."

Responding to the sweet compliments, Wang joked if he can get her to wear a pair of heels, he's "halfway there".

"You're like, 'Take off your Adidas sports sandals. Please, God. Brush your hair,'" Zoe recalled. "People know that we're friends, and that I wear your clothes all the time, but above and beyond that, you have honestly guided me through my career."

The 27-year-old, who recently featured in advertising campaigns for Balenciaga and Calvin Klein's jewelry and watches division, alongside her mother, goes on to reveal she still pays little attention to top labels, choosing instead to just follow her instincts when choosing pieces for her wardrobe.

"People are shocked that I know so little about designers," she said. "I know the big ones because my grandmother wore them or they've been around forever. I know you (Wang) because you're my best friend, but I don't know much about the fashion world except for when I like something, I like it."

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