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Zendaya applauds sexual misconduct accusers for making movie sets safer for her

Zendaya has applauded the women who have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood heavyweights like Harvey Weinstein.

The actress and style icon is hoping the 'whistle blowers' and their accounts of harassment and assault will force directors and producers to rethink the way they treat women on and off film sets - and as a result, she'll avoid nasty and sordid encounters with powerful predators.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star tells InStyle, "The bravery of the women who came forward is a huge step toward making sure it's safer for me and other young women who are just coming up.

"I'm at that prime age right now - 21. Starting off. That's when people take advantage and abuse their power..."

Zendaya is thrilled to see women standing together as the accusations dropped following a damning New York Times expose on Weinstein, which was published at the beginning of last month (Oct17).

Directors James Toback and Brett Ratner and actors Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, and Jeffrey Tambor have also been accused of inappropriate behavior, while beloved U.S. newsmen Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have been fired from their lucrative morning show jobs following misconduct allegations.

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