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Zac Efron pens heartwarming note to fan

Zac Efron has publicly thanked one of his fans for reminding him why he continues to pursue his love of acting after struggling through a tough 2013.

The High School Musical hunk hit headlines last year (13) after undergoing rehab treatment for substance abuse issues and then breaking his jaw in a bizarre accident at his Hollywood home.

He made his return to the spotlight at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last week (08Jan14) to promote his new movie That Awkward Moment with co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, and they headed to Facebook.com's headquarters in Menlo Park, California on Tuesday (14Jan14) to take part in a question and answer session about the upcoming comedy.

During the event, Efron was greeted by one of his biggest fans, Facebook sales employee Kirby Koo, and the meeting had such a profound affect on the actor, he decided to pour his heart out in a message of thanks via his Instagram.com blog on Wednesday (15Jan14).

In a post addressed to Koo, he wrote, "I have so much more I want to say. And I will - when I find the words. But I'll start here -When you stood up, with such strength, and sincerity and gave me perhaps the nicest compliment I've been paid... it meant so much more than that to me.

"@Facebook and online media in general, show only half the picture - sure people see me, but I never get to see them. Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I was able to look into your eyes and remember why I do what I do - and will never stop. I needed that, more than you will ever know and just wanted to say thanks - face to face soon I hope."

Koo responded to the heartfelt note via her Facebook.com blog, replying, "Zac, I am so incredibly touched by your note. Meeting you was always the dream, but I never could have imagined that you would respond with such genuine kindness and literally open arms. The impact you and your talent have had on me and so many millions of others should never be underestimated. Beyond the actor, thank you for being such a warm, generous person and I'd be humbled to consider you a friend."

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