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Young Ones cast and crew struggled with real drought on location in South Africa

Life imitated art on the set of Michael Shannon and Nicholas Hoult's futuristic new drought film Young Ones after the water supply in the South African town they were filming in dried up.

The actors co-star with Elle Fanning in the movie, about a teenage boy who sets out on a mission to save his family in a world where water is hard to come by, and the cast and crew found themselves facing a similar problem while on location last year (13).

Fanning tells Elle magazine, "Every two years (Springbok) runs out of water. While we were filming our movie, the town ran out of water."

And the child star reveals soaring temperatures in the Northern Cape province made the shoot even more of a struggle.

Speaking to the New York Post, she says, "I think it got up to 118 (degrees Fahrenheit). We had to just kind of deal (with it)."

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