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Worthington: 'I could've worked harder on Clash of the Titans'

Sam Worthington jumped at the chance to star in a Clash Of The Titans sequel as he was convinced he "wasn't very good" in the first installment.

The Australian actor played mythical warrior hero Perseus in the 2010 movie, but admits he was less than impressed with his performance - and the criticism his buzzcut hairstyle attracted.

He tells Empire magazine, "I wanted to do a second Titans film because I personally think I wasn't very good in the first one. I think I could've worked a lot harder on Clash. So I wanted the opportunity to get a second bite at the apple, and it is rare to get that kind of chance...

"I read a lot of reviews and everyone thought I looked like a f**king idiot. More was written about my f**king hair in this movie than anyone's in the whole world - apart from maybe Jennifer Aniston when she had that haircut in Friends that the whole f**king world copied."

Worthington grew his hair into a shaggy mane to redeem himself in the upcoming follow-up Wrath of the Titans, due in theatres later this year (12).

He explains, "In my own little world I felt like (longer hair) showed Perseus has grown up. In the first film, he's a little boy with no responsibilities, then in the second one he's a grown man - and a simple way to show that is to grow the hair out. Anyway, when the chance came round to do another Titans movie, I was more than ready for it."

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