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Will Smith turned skydiving adventure into a family experience

Will Smith was so impressed with a skydiving adventure in Dubai he urged his sons to join him for his next big jump.

The daredevil Suicide Squad star confronted his fear of heights by leaping out of a plane in the Middle East and had such an exhilarating experience, he wanted sons Trey and Jaden to try it.

"It was such a spectacular fear confrontation," Will said during a recent taped interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, admitting he quickly realized he wouldn't be winning any father of the year awards as he watched his sons jump: "It's really scary. It seemed like a great idea to take my boys and we'll go skydive, right? I'm there and I watched my son fall out of an airplane and I was like, 'Oh...'"

The movie star made the most of the family skydiving trip by defying physics and watching his kids jump and land.

"I told the guys, 'Listen, I want to see them go out the plane, but I also wanna see them land...'

"They went and then we went and we did a straight line... and we went past them, landed and then watched them land."

Will has also ticked bungee jumping off his bucket list this year (17) after taking the plunge at Victoria Falls in South Africa.

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