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will.i.am wants to be fastest man in showbusiness

Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am has set his sights on becoming the fastest man in showbusiness by challenging rap and rock runners to 40-yard dashes.

The I Gotta Feeling hitmaker claims he has already shown superfit Chris Brown his speed and now he's looking for challengers.

He says, "I'm really super duper fast... I beat Chris Brown, whipped him. He knows this."

will.i.am claims he can cover 40 yards in a speedy 4.5 seconds, and bandmate Taboo can vouch for his speed.

He states, "He's actually a fast runner. He'll challenge people like (American football players) Deion Sanders and Reggie Bush (to races)... and he runs barefooted.

"He used to play football but then he got injured and he chose music."

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