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will.i.am recovering from bronchitis

Rapper will.i.am is recovering from bronchitis after falling ill because of his busy schedule.

The Black Eyed Peas star is in the U.K. to help mentor contestants on the British version of The Voice, but is still jetting around the world for his music career.

The constant traveling recently took its toll on the hitmaker and he has now vowed to cut back on his partying for the sake of his health.

Speaking to Britain's Evening Standard after he appeared at an event in the U.K. capital on Wednesday (02May12), he reveals, "I've been sleeping when I finish The Voice. I started out doing the nightly thing but that got me ill. So I'm recovering from bronchitis. Because I travel upon travel upon travel.

"If I leave here it's not like I go home and rest - I literally go to Mexico and work, and Brazil and work, Singapore and work. Since I saw you last I've probably been to eight countries."

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